Peter Jolt, 2023.

I identify as a story creator.

I’m more a story creator than a writer. The thrill for me lies in conceptualizing the tale, proceeding to write only when its outline is clear in my mind.

Even though I write in multiple genres—science fiction, urban fantasy, psychological thriller, and romance—what is common across my stories is the heavy psychological content. This emphasis is likely unavoidable, given that my educational background is in psychology (M.Psych).

I focus on conflicts within relationships and strive to infuse my stories with as much psychological suspense as possible. Discussing difficult topics and exploring relationship aspects from unique angles is my idea of fun.

I write both in English and Polish under different pen names.


I produce audiobooks and audio dramas myself, taking on the roles of director, producer, and sound engineer. It's a lot of work, but it's also incredibly rewarding. My productions are always full-cast recordings.


I live in Poland. Away from writing, you can often find me at my piano or listening to an audiobook.

I also cherish the time with my 16-year-old daughter (when she wants to spend some time with her old dad).

My Samoyed is named after a certain fantasy character close to my heart—Arya. You can probably guess from which story I have stolen her name.

Arya, 2023

Social media?

Clubhouse. Several rooms for writers. I’m an admin in one of them.

I still have to do something about other platforms.

About the Substack subscription.

I plan to publish here regularly, starting with short stories and excerpts from my novels. In time, I look forward to offering serialized novels as well.

Although I've enabled payments on Substack, I encourage you to forego the paid subscription for now. Opting for it would only leave me with a sense of guilt, as there is currently no paid content available. Should the time come when I have a substantial collection of stories on this platform, I may then consider placing some behind a paywall.

For the moment, please subscribe to the free version. Unless you’re willing to support me 😁.

I sincerely hope you will enjoy my stories!

Peter Jolt

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writer / author (psychological suspense / thriller, sci-fi, urban fantasy, romance, short stories), AI enthusiast, piano player, active on Clubhouse.